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IndyCar puts Formula 1 to shame with its stunning 2018 car

No, it’s not some fans fantasy dream car nor a glossy concept model from a computer animation. This is real, this is the new Indy Car.

After years of looking at atrocious single seater cars in IndyCar and Formula 1 with its shark fins, wheel covers, high barn-door-wings, phallic-noses and revolting halo hoops, the 2018 IndyCar is a beautiful sight for very sore eyes. Touted as being “bolder, safer, even more thrilling” IndyCar seems it has bucked motorsport’s latest trend of ignoring millions of fans and what they have been screaming out for and listened to us by creating a stunning new car.

Designed by Dallara and “design experts in the United Kingdom – paired with input from drivers, teams and fans alike”, the design has even “allowed for a cockpit windscreen application, when developed” which suggests that unlike F1’s cringe-worthy attempts to shoe-horn a safety halo onto a donkey, IndyCar have very thoughtfully and very carefully considered this and designed a car almost around a future windscreen.

What do you think, is this the most beautiful single seater you’ve seen in many years? maybe ever?



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